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For over 100 years,TIMKEN bearing company considering well quality,technology and innovation as its management idea. Strong customer quality authentication is proof enough customers on the basis of TIMKEN company recognition and trust. In the railway and aerospace applications have the leading global cutting-edge technology,what's more,Whether the family cars with a wheel components, the bearing of roller coaster, rail bearing the maintenance service, or the steel of plane engine shaft, all it will appear TIMKEN brand. TIMKEN is a high quality bearing, alloy steel and relevant parts and accessories global leading manufacturers. No matter where in the world, as long as it has the equipment operation and power drive, you will see TIMKEN company's technology and products. TIMKEN bearing production including two hundred and thirty types, twenty-six thousand different specifications of the tapered roller bearings, they are widely used all over the world. In advance of the bearing damage may be due to the improper use, so no matter bearing brand, type and size, iron's Ken company industrial bearings service designed to provide you the best repair choice. If you are from industrial factory, railway operation units or the airline industry, you understand the accuracy, throughput, the normal operation and the machine performance time all can expand the profits.

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