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The main products of NSK are bearings,it is the foundation of all the machines; In the modern society is the indispensable products; Known as the laudatory name "mechanical industry food"; It ensures that all the products of industry quality; NSK aims to operation and control;Study On the machine running/friction phenomenon, to ensure the smooth operation and rotation; It exists everywhere,providing the human colorful life everytime and will contribute to the global energy saving movement and resources protection. NSK bearings, with the pure material, high precision of product, a variety of hundreds of thousands of kinds, widely used in different environment and machinery, with more than 80 years experience in the production of the NSK bearings are constantly improve existing products, research and development of new products, and always maintaining leading advantages in technology. Check the NSK bearings, must not let its exposure to the pollutants or moisture environment. If work disruptions, should be with the oil film or similar materials have the machine. Bearing working environment is very important, and many the machinery of import bearings can't work because of the work environment, led import bearing life early ending. Before inspection of NSK bearing,should keep NSK bearing lubrication and clean,first to clean the surface, then remove the NSK bearing peripheral parts. what's more it must be pay attention to, oil seal is very weak parts, when inspection and disassembling NSK bearings do not excessive force, lest cause the damage of the parts. NSK bearing in check if the oil seal and its surrounding parts with presented the adverse symptoms, please replace, so as not to cause bad oil seal and will leading to the damage.

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