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Germany INA bearing products in industries include: agricultural machinery industry, construction industry, the hydraulic and wind engineering industry, engineering machinery, machine tool and manufacturing machinery industry, material processing and packaging, port engineering industry, electric tools industry, gearbox industry, the semiconductor industry, the pump and fan industry, industrial robots and automation industry, rubber, plastic and chemical industry, textile industry, tractor industry, woodworking machinery industry, etc. In these industries, Germany INA bearing have been widely used. Exquisite rolling bearing technology, craft advanced production factory, the high quality superior quality standards make INA bearing in global prestigious and lasts long. In ten million times in actual application has been proved. INA bearing products is the costs and benefits of both reliable machine parts, INA bearing products are both cost and efficiency of the reliable machine parts, INA products for the rotary motion and linear motion and various specialized technology to provide all kinds of different size series. provide for all other special technology of each different size series,and for the various trades design personnel the valuable support. The INA as an old famous brand, natural in the domestic market plays an extremely important role. Although domestic bearing industry not up-and-coming enterprise, but also has many excellent enterprise, excellent bearing in home also has good public praise, as well as agent and manufacturers. With domestic industry the positive development of the situation, believe in the near future domestic bearing can also go to the world, to meet international standards.

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