Anti-rust of FAG Deep Groove Ball Bearing

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FAG deep groove ball bearings are the most representative rolling bearings with a wide range of uses. It is suitable for high-speed or even high-speed operation, and it is very durable and does not require frequent maintenance. This type of bearing has a small friction coefficient, a high limit speed, a simple structure, low manufacturing cost, and easy to achieve high manufacturing accuracy. The size range and form are varied. It is used in precision instruments, low-noise motors, automobiles, motorcycles and gener al machinery. It is the most widely used type of bearing in the machinery industry. It mainly bears radial load and can also bear a certain amount of axial load. Need FAG deep groove ball bearing FAG 6205-C-2Z,click here.

FAG deep groove ball bearings can be used in gearboxes, instruments, motors, household appliances, internal combustion engines, transportation vehicles, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, construction machinery, roller skates, yo-yo, etc.

 In many cases, bearing corrosion will occur, and there are many reasons for bearing corrosion. The most common factors in our daily life are the following factors.

1) Due to poor sealing device, it is invaded by moisture, dirt, etc .;

2) The bearing is not used for a long time, beyond the anti-rust period, lack of maintenance.

3) The roughness of the metal surface is large;

4) Contact with corrosive chemical media, the bearing is not cleaned, the surface is contaminated with dirt, or contact the bearing with sweaty hands. After the bearing is cleaned, it is not packaged or installed in time. Contaminated;

Ambient temperature and humidity and contact with various environmental media; rust inhibitor failure or quality does not meet requirements.Good quality FAG deep groove ball bearing FAG 6215-2RSR-C4


The anti-rust of FAG deep groove ball bearings is usually divided between the anti-rust in the workshop and the anti-rust in the finished product.

 Workshop rust prevention belongs to the rust prevention between processes in the processing process, usually in 3-30 days. Generally, a water-based rust inhibitor can be used. The advantages of water-based rust inhibitors are simple operation and low cost. Moreover, after anti-rust, there is no need for degreasing and cleaning.

 The rust prevention of finished products generally refers to the rust prevention of deep groove ball bearings before storage or after delivery, usually within 1 month to 2 years. It is usually packed with anti-rust oil or VCI anti-rust paper. The advantages of VCI anti-rust paper packaging are good anti-rust effect, no cleaning before assembly, easy operation, environmental protection and energy saving.Buy FAG deep groove ball bearing FAG 6014-M-C3,click here.

 VCI anti-rust paper will always release a small amount of anti-rust agent (VCI definition: volatile corrosion inhibitor). After packaging with this kind of paper, a gas protective layer will be formed in the packaging, which can reliably suppress the corrosion of deep groove ball bearings. VCI anti-rust paper has anti-rust effect in direct contact with bearings and within a certain distance; VCI anti-rust paper packaging of bearings is anti-rust, anti-rust can be up to 3 years; VCI anti-rust film packaging of bearings is anti-rust, anti-rust up to 1 year.