Characteristics Of SKF Spherical Roller Bearings

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 What is Spherical roller bearings?

 The Spherical Roller bearing is installed between the outer ring of the spherical surface of the inner ring box of the two raceways, and is equipped with spherical balls.

 The outer diameter of the self-aligning functional bearing and the inner diameter of the bearing seat are spherical, and there is an active self-aligning function between the two, which can compensate for the misalignment of the axis due to the device error and the deformation of the bottom surface of the device.

 The material of the cage is steel plate, synthetic resin, etc.Need SKF Spherical roller bearings 


 Two structures of SKF Spherical roller bearings

1) Cylindrical hole
  Because it has two rows of steel balls and a curved raceway in the outer ring, self-aligning ball bearings can be actively adjusted

  It can also accept the viewpoint error between the shaft and the bearing housing, which is suitable for the simple presentation of shaft deflection and misalignment caused by the axis,Friction is the lowest among all rolling bearings

  Even at high speeds, it still has only a small temperature rise.
2)  Conical hole
  Self-aligning ball bearings with tapered bore have the characteristics of self-aligning ball bearings with cylindrical bore (but the inner bore is tapered bore (conventional taper 1:12);

  The device can finely adjust the bearing clearance on the tapered shaft. This type of bearing is mostly used on the double support shaft with large zigzag under load effect;

  And the two bearing seat holes can not ensure strict concentric parts. It is mainly used to accept radial loads, and can also accept a few axial loads;

  Usually can not accept pure axial load. The versatility of such bearings is second only to deep groove ball bearings;

  Its limit speed is lower than the same standard deep groove ball bearings, but its load bearing capacity is higher than deep groove ball bearings;
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Characteristics of SKF Spherical roller bearings

1) The outer ring raceway is spherical with self-aligning
 Even if the inner ring, steel ball and cage are slightly skewed relative to the outer ring (but the relative inclination of the inner and outer rings must not exceed 3 degrees);Able to rotate

 The bearing is therefore self-aligning and is not affected by the misalignment of the shaft relative to the bearing housing
2) Can withstand larger radial loads and also withstand certain axial loads
 The load can be large because the internal structure of the spherical ball bearing is the same as that of the 6200 and 6300 series deep groove ball bearings, so the IB spherical ball bearing with seat can not only accept radial load, but also can accept larger axial load. The noise of bearing operation is low.
3) Long service life
  Long-life spherical ball bearings with seats are generally used in harsh operating environments such as dirt, dust, humidity and high temperature. The smooth grease inside the bearing will degenerate in a short period of time. Therefore, it is necessary to inject grease on the spherical ball bearing with seat at the right moment and smooth from scratch, and replace the degraded smooth grease with fresh smooth grease.Online Spherical roller bearings SKF 23024CC/W33

4) Better sealing function
   Excellent sealing function The outer SKF spherical ball bearing is equipped with a heat-resistant, oil-proof rubber seal ring and a steel dust cover combination seal on both sides.

   The dust cover is installed on the outer diameter of the inner ring of the bearing and rotates together with the inner ring, which can effectively prevent external foreign objects from entering the bearing and protect the bearing against external pressure. Mud, dust, and moisture enter the inside of the bearing, which can prevent the smooth grease from leaking inside the bearing.

   Make the bearing can adhere to the perfect working function under the harsh working environment.