TIMKEN bearing disassembly method injury treatment

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TIMKEN bearing can be used correctly without errors , can be used for a long time. On the other hand, there are unexpected early damage, and not stand using the early damage, as the early damage reasons, use scare lubrication are not considered enough, then there is foreign intrusion, bearing assembly error and the deflection of the shaft, the shaft and a bearing box research. Can say, these reasons are overlapped with each other 's situation is more and more.

Therefore, in order to  prevent the similar accident to happen again.It should fully understand the TIMKEN bearing the using the machine, use condition, the outer bearing structure , we can clarify the situation before  accident, combined with the bearing damage and multiple causes were investigated, .

When deciding what and when to stop the oil lubrication method is very simple: to develop a base line, making observation schedule and the oiling time monitoring.

TIMKEN bearing removed intends to continue to use, should choose proper removal tool. Removing the interference fit of the ferrule, only will pull in the ferrule, never allow through the rolling body transmission removing force, or roller and raceway will be crushed.

According to the use of the site , the conditions and choice of environmental condition, size precision, with the appropriate TIMKEN bearing can ensure  the bearing life with reliability.

1, use of the site: tapered roller bearings applied to bear to mainly the radial and axial joint load, usually with two sets of bearings for matched use, mainly in the automobile front and rear wheel, the driving bevel gear, differential gear, reducer, transmission parts.

2, allowing the speed: in the correct installation, good lubrication conditions, allows for the TIMKEN bearing limit rotational speed 0.3-0.5 times. Under normal circumstances, at 0.2 times the speed limit for the most desirable.

3, allow the tilt angle: tapered roller bearings are generally do not allow axis relative to the casing bore having tilt, such as tilt, up to a maximum of 2 min..

4, allow the temperature: under normal load, and the lubricant has high temperature resistant performance, and the full lubrication conditions, general TIMKEN bearings allow the in - 30 - 150 DEG C environment temperature.