TIMKEN the disassembly of the bearing form analysis

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The disassembly of the bearing to be fitted with the same careful. Careful not to damage the TIMKEN bearings and parts, especially interference fit the disassembly of the bearing, the operation difficulty is big. Therefore, in the design phase should consider prior to disassembly, designed according to the need of making removal tool is also very important. During disassembly, disassembly method, according to the drawings of the order, to investigate the bearing condition, in order to achieve removing operation no danger of anything going wrong.

Removing the interference fit of the outer ring, beforehand in the casing is arranged on the circumference of the outer ring with several screw of extrusion screw, a fastening screw equally, while removing. The screw hole usually cover a blind plug, taper roller bearing, the separation bearing, in shell retaining shoulders set up several incisions, use of pad, press used for removing, or knocked gently removing.

The inner ring is disassembled, can be used to pull out the simple mechanical pressure. At this time, we should pay attention to inner bear the pulling force.

Large bearing inner ring removing using hydraulic method. By setting the shaft oil hole to oil, to allow easy drawing. Width of the TIMKEN bearing oil pressure method and drawing of fixture and use, disassembly operations.

NU type, NJ type cylindrical roller bearing inner ring disassembly can use induction heating method. In a short period of time after the heating part, expansion of the inner ring drawing method.

Removing relatively small with tightening sleeve bearing, with the fastening the shaft block supporting inner ring, the nut back a few times, the use of block hammer beat disassembly.

Large bearings, using hydraulic dismounting easier, the taper shaft oil hole of pressurized oil, so that the expansion of the inner ring, bearing dismounting method. In operation, a bearing suddenly from May, the nut block used as best as well.

In the TIMKEN bearing raceway and rolling body surface under alternating load, the contact surface of metal flake flaking, and gradually expand and form a pit. If it continues to run, will form area of spalling area. Due to improper installation or bearing seat hole and shaft center line tilt causes to bear larger load bearing in the local area and the emergence of early fatigue failure.

Material defects and improper heat treatment, the interference fit is too large, the improper design of combination, such as supporting surface having grooves and cause stress concentration, will form a ring crack and fracture.

When the external hard particle material into the TIMKEN bearings and pressed on the roller and rolling, the rolling surface indentation. In addition, too big impact load can make contact with the surface of the local plastic deformation of pit. When the bearing rest, even if the load is small, due to the ambient vibration will also be in the raceway formed uniformly distributed depressions.

When the rolling bearing seal is not good, so that dust and particulate matter from entering the bearing, or poor lubrication, contact surface will cause more serious scratch or abrasion, and the bearing vibration and noise.

The current through the bearing, will produce a small spark, causes the contact surface local annealing and the emergence of a pit or a black spot. In severe cases will appear larger pits.

Water or acid, alkali, salts and other invasive or improper selection of bearing lubricant will cite rust bearings, precision bearing even slight corrosion will also make the bearing scrap.

TIMKEN bearing, especially for high speed bearing, due to lack of lubricant, so that the retainer and rolling body or the ring contact abrasion, impact, and even lead to cage fracture.