Analysis of TIMKEN bearing material on its service life infl

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Due to the different TIMKEN bearing is provided with a variety of different materials, production process and coating of ability and equipment, so everyone in the selection of the bearing should be based on specific application requirements for selection of the most appropriate. Embedded in the rolling bearing contact type sealing ring for bearing performance and reliability, but also have a significant impact on the performance of bearing, and the sleeve itself has a great influence. General on the bearing rings and rolling elements considerations include: carrying capacity related to hardness, in rolling contact and different cleaning degrees under the lubricating condition of fatigue resistance, and dimensional stability.

For the cage, considering the friction, strain, and inertia force, and in some cases but also with certain lubricants, solvents, coolants and refrigerants in Germany chemical action. The relative importance of these factors is also affected by other working parameters, such as corrosion, high temperature, impact load or the combined effect of these factors.

1,TIMKENbearing installation

TIMKEN bearing installation is correct, affect the accuracy, performance, service life. Therefore, design and assembly for bearing installation should research. Want according to the standard installation. Operation standard project usually follows:

( 1) cleaning TIMKEN bearings and bearings and related components;

( 2) check the related components size and mechanical processing;

( 3) installed;

( 4) installed bearing after examination;

( 5) supply of lubricant.

2, alignment, alignment

In bearings mounted on, if not careful alignment, alignment may lead to bearing subjected to additional load, friction and vibration.

These may be accelerated fatigue and reduce the service life of the bearing, and may damage the other machine parts use period.

In addition, increased vibration and friction may greatly increase the energy consumption and the premature failure risk.

3, the basic condition monitoring

During use, often on the bearing running basic external conditions are monitored, such as temperature, noise and vibration measurement and so on.

These regular examination will early detection of potential problems and prevent the emergence of beat all machine suspension phenomenon, make the production plan can be realized, improved productivity and efficiency.

4, once again lubrication

In the process of operation, TIMKEN bearing lubrication requirements correctly again, perfect its performance. Bearing lubrication method, divided into the grease lubrication and oil lubrication. In order to play a good bearing performance, first of all, to choose suitable conditions, the intended use of the lubricating method.

If we only consider the lubrication, oil lubrication lubrication dominant. But there can simplify the bearing grease lubrication structure around the speciality.

5, unloaded

When the TIMKEN bearing will reach its final use period of time, it should be replaced. Although the bearing can not be used again, but the right to remove the original bearing, in time to replace the new bearing, prolong the service life of bearings can play a very good role in promoting.