The installation TIMKEN Bearing

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Bearing installation of good or bad, will affect the precision bearings, life and performance. Therefore, please fully study the bearing installation, please according to contain the following projects, operating standards for bearing installation.

One, cleaning of bearings and related parts  TIMKEN bearing

The grease lubricated bearing and bilateral with oil seal or dust, sealed bearing before installation without cleaning.

Two, check the relevant parts and mechanical processing

Three, mounting method

TIMKEN bearing Bearings should be installed according to the bearing structure, size and bearing member with depending on the nature, pressure should be directly added in the tight fit to the end face of the ring, not through the rolling body transfer pressure, bearing mounting generally adopts the following method:

A. Press fit

The inner ring of the bearing and the shaft so that the tight fit, the outer ring and the bearing seat hole is a loose fit, available press bearing press is arranged on the shaft, and the shaft with bearings mounted along the bearing seat hole, pressure mounted on the end surface of the inner ring, a pad of soft metal materials to do the assembly sleeve ( copper or mild steel ), the assembly sleeve inner diameter than the shaft neck of slightly larger diameter, outside diameter diameter should be less than the bearing inner ring rib is smaller, so as to avoid pressure on the holder. The outer ring of the bearing and the bearing seat hole is tightly matched with the inner ring and the shaft, is a loose fit, can be pressed into the bearing in the bearing seat hole, the fashion accessory pipe diameter should be slightly smaller than the seat hole diameter. If the bearing ring and a shaft hole and seat are tightly, installation of interior ring and the outer ring are pressed into the shaft and hole, the assembly sleeve structure should be at the same time and tight end bearing inner ring and the outer ring.TIMKEN bearing .


By heating the bearing or bearing seat, using thermal expansion will be tight fit into a loosely fitting installation method. Is a commonly used and labor-saving installation method. This method is suitable for the larger magnitude of interference of the mounting of the bearing, the bearing of hot charging or separable bearing ferrule into the tank evenly heated 80-100 C, then removed from the oil as soon as fitted to the shaft, to prevent the cooling inner ring and shaft shoulder joint is not tight, bearing cooling can be axial fastening. The bearing outer ring and light metal bearing seat is tightly matched with heating, bearing the hot charging method, can avoid mating surface subjected to abrasion. Tank heating bearings, in a certain distance from the bottom should be a grid, or Hook Dangle bearing, bearing cannot be sent to the bottom, to prevent the heavy impurities into the bearing or uneven heating, the tank must have a thermometer, strictly control the temperature not exceeding 100 degrees, in order to prevent the occurrence of tempering effect, make the ferrule can reduce the hardness of.

C tapered bore bearing mountingTIMKEN bearing

Tapered bore bearing can be directly mounted on the tapered shaft neck, or loading the tight sets and unloading sleeve on the conical surface, the matching degree of available bearing radial clearance reduction to measure, therefore, before installation should be measured bearing radial clearance, the installation process should be routinely measured clearance to achieve the required clearance reduction, the general use of the locking nut installation installation, also can be used for heating installation.

D thrust bearing installation

Thrust bearing shaft with comprehensive and general for transition fit, the seat and the bearing seat hole used for clearance fit, so the bearing is easy to install, bi-directional thrust bearing shaft spring should be fixed on the shaft, to prevent relative to the axis of rotation. Bearing mounting method, under normal circumstances is the axis of rotation of the inner ring and the shaft of the majority, with much to win with the outer ring of the bearing, and the bearing chamber and is in clearance fit with the.