NSK bearing rings processing methods, points for attention i

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Although many types of NSK bearing, the structure of the type, grade of tolerance, material selection and processing method are different, but the basic manufacturing process includes the following:

1, parts manufacturing bearings bearing parts inspection - bearing parts demagnetization, cleaning, rust - bearing assembly bearing finished product inspection - bearing finished product demagnetization, cleaning - bearing oil packaging finished product bin.

2, bearing is an important part of NSK, as a result of a variety of NSK bearings, bearing ring size, the different types of structures, the use of equipment, technology and methods are different. At the same time, as a result of the ferrule manufacturing process and the process is more complex, requiring high precision, so NSKbearing rings processing quality, service life and performance have a significant impact on.

To make the NSK bearing products in the demagnetization machine being demagnetization amplitudes as large as possible and amplitude attenuation as slow, should pay attention to the following points:

1, when the product is not in a heap of demagnetization. If in a heap, then the products will play a role, so that the middle part of the product by the demagnetization amplitude decreases.

 2, should make the products with the axis of the demagnetization machine 2 is vertical to the magnetic force lines. NSK bearing Because the bearing products like an annular conductive body, if its axis parallel with the lines of magnetic force, equal to the demagnetization machine with a short circuit ring, the short circuit ring generated magnetic field exactly and demagnetizing instead, so that the product is actually demagnetization amplitude is reduced.

3, NSK bearing the product leaves the demagnetization machine speed should be as slowly as possible. When the magnetic field attenuation in demagnetization demagnetization machine is achieved when the product leaves, leaving too soon equal attenuation too fast.